Benefits of our Silk Exfoliating Glove:

Coheli Glove exfoliates the skin thoroughly, aiding in the purification and brightening of the complexion. It helps battle against skin inflammation, blackheads, and breakouts and means to lessen the presence of pigmentation and developed pores. Coheli Gloves limit the presence of stretch imprints, cellulite, and scarring, and help improve skin surface and feel of skin.

Coheli Fake Tan Exfoliator normally and rapidly eliminates counterfeit tan. Coheli Glove diminishes scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles and advances collagen and elastin creation. It additionally oxygenates cells and advances sound blood stream, leaving the body re-empowered and fortified. It helps with liberating and forestalling ingrown hairs and helps with disposing of poisons through the skin. Our items plan to expand self-esteem and certainty. Our items are 100% natural with no nasties.